• What is Miaki WAP Portal?

    Miaki WAP is a subscription based service for ROBI users. Subscriber can enjoy fixed number of free contents daily. Subscriber needs to pay per content charge after exceeding of free content download limit.

  • Can user browse this portal using IOS as well?


  • Which browser should I use to browse this WAP?

    Any browser independent to handset. However, we recommend mozzila firefox and google chrome browser for android handsets.

  • How user can subscribe to this service?

    To subscribe, sms START M to 3636 or subscribe from wap (wap.miaki.mobi) portal.

  • How user can unsubscribe from this service?

    To unsubscribe, sms STOP M to 3636 or from wap (wap.miaki.mobi) portal.

  • What is the daily subscription charge?

    Daily subscription charge is Tk 1+ (VAT + SD + SC).

  • How many free content can download after successfully subscribed to this service?

    Subscriber can download first 3 contents free every day. Regular charge is applicable (as per content) from 4th content on wards for same day.

  • Can user download any content without being subscribed to Miaki wap?

    No. User needs to subscribe first to download any content.

  • How long activation is valid?

    This cycle will continue until subscriber deactivates from this service.

  • Is there any data charge applicable?

    Yes, data charge is applicable.

  • I could access till yesterday, but can’t play today.

    Possible reason for not playing the contents as follows:  You do not have sufficient balance so the subscription has not been renewed  Please check your data plan  If you are using dual SIM handset please check and choose your subscribed SIM for the service.  To have a better experience it is suggested that Android users will use chrome browser

  • What are the content charges after 3 free download in a day?

     Wallpaper - Tk. 1 (+ SD + VAT + SC)  Animation - Tk. 2 (+ SD + VAT + SC)  Audio songs - Tk. 2 (+ SD + VAT + SC)  Video - Tk. 2 (+ SD + VAT + SC)

  • Don’t find answers here?

    Email to the below ID or call the helpline number given below: 1. Email: support@miaki.co 2. Phone: +88 09678334455 (9 AM to 6 PM except holidays) or call +88 09678334455, between 9 AM to 6 PM except holidays.